Download or convert videos from internet

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Options List

-v, -video=<YouTube video ID>
ID of the YouTube video (11 characters).
Example of use :
-u, -url=<Encoded URL of the video's page>
Encoded url of the page on which the desired video is displayed.
Example of use :
-a, -auto[=1|0]
Automatically start the generation of the download link as soon as the video formats are extracted.
Example of use :
-f, -format[=best|medium|low|audio]
Quality of the selected download link
  • best : best video format available
  • medium : Standard or high quality according to the video's sources
  • low : lowest video format available
  • audio: audio format (mp3)

Example of use :

It is possible to combine multiple parameters on a single link :
Example of use :